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The Best Anti-Aging Japanese Beauty Moisturizers For Dry Skin

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Skin Types
Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Enriched by Shiseido

Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Enriched

4.8 (136)
hydratinganti-agingbrighteningredness relief
Future Solution Lx Total Protective Cream by Shiseido

Future Solution Lx Total Protective Cream

4.7 (678)
anti-agingbrighteningredness reliefevens out skin
Skin Plumping Gel Cream by Hada Labo Tokyo
Hada Labo Tokyo

Skin Plumping Gel Cream

4.5 (216)
hydratinganti-aginglightweightredness relief
Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream by Shiseido

Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream

4.6 (885)
anti-aginglightweightbrighteningevens out skin
Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream by Shiseido

Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream

4.6 (226)
redness reliefbrighteninganti-agingevens out skin
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Too many options?

Profile picture of Alexis Webster
Alexis Webster
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I just ordered the Skinfix peptide creme. I ordered it because I read that it was very hydrating and that it didn’t seem to break people out. However, then I learned that peptides are for anti-aging, oops! I’m only 17, would peptides break me out and be bad for my skin or will they hydrate and do all the good things, help! #skincare #peptides #hydration #skinfix #dry

Profile picture of Rylee Atteberry
Rylee Atteberry
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

it’s actually better sooner rather than later to start using peptides for your skin! prematurely using anti-aging products can actually help delay signs of aging, so you’re totally fine.

Profile picture of Jasmine Jordan
Jasmine Jordan
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Does anyone know any good cleansers and moisturizers for dry skin thats not harmful to the skin and affordable as well? #dryskin #skincare

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Profile picture of Sydney Nuñez
Sydney Nuñez
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

Curology works great for me, it is 30 dollars a month but you get your first bottle set free just pay $5 for shipping! It is worth it in my opinion, the only time I breakout now is when I’m on my period or if I have been picking at my skin (it’s a bad habit trying I’m to break lol)

Profile picture of Emily Parsons
Emily Parsons
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Best face moisturizers for dry skin?? And just any face products for dry skin??

Community Post Like Button1 Likes
Profile picture of Katie Piechowicz
Katie Piechowicz
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Clinique moisture surge is amazing!!! It absorbs into the skin so nicely and leaves it feeling soft and plump

Profile picture of Emily Parsons
Emily Parsons
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

@Katie Piechowicz thank you. Will definitely try it out!