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Powder Contour Kit - Light To Medium by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Powder Contour Kit - Light To Medium

Light To MediumTan To Deep


Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Powder Kit with essential powder highlight and contour shades for multiple skin tones.

Key Benefits:

  • Smooth
  • Creamy
  • Blends Well

Ratings & Reviews

4.279% of 2471reviewers recommend this product

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Sephora user
December 28, 2015

Creamy, Pigmented & Blendable for a Glowing Finish

This is a great contouring kit and is very blendable. The tones may be a bit warm for some but they are perfect for my complexion. I apply the highlights/lowlights with cheap shadow brush and blend them with the Sephora contour brush #55. I am in love with the cream contouring because it allows for better detail than powder and it gives you a glowing (not greasy) finish.If you are OCD about where the shadow falls and blends, definitely pick this up because you can "draw" the contour then blend instead of powdering it on your face. I agree with some that it's a bit dry and typically dislike putting additional oil on my face but Garden of Wisdom's refined and scentless Passionfruit Oil (aka "Maracuja") will help - even Wholefoods has a good alt. Finish with a little bit of bronzer if not defined enough, maybe some blush and you're a glowing goddess.I will say KVD's powder contour kit is fabulous as well. It's a quick kit for to-go or day-to-day use and is more pigmented than ABH's powder version but it is a bit too cool and two colors are much too dark for me.I would not recommend this product for people with oily skin as it is a cream-based contour kit. I'm typically not used to wearing this much skin product as I have clear skin and can make up break out if you are sensitive to heavy makeup. « less

Sephora user
August 21, 2017

waste of money

It is waterproof foe the most part. But it kept losing it's creamy texture, and dried out. Ill use it and next day, it was hard and no pigment. I had to break it off. It happened consistently, and there isnt much product. I went through it in a week. It didnt stay put on my waterline. It wasnt clean at all, so maybe good for smokey eye. But i wont be using this again. Shame cause i use the ABH gel eyeliner, and like it. That on too dried out but after like months of use. So i figured it expired. But anywho, worst eyeliner ever.

Sephora user
December 14, 2015

Love it - Medium Kit

This is a great contour kit! It's great for full-on contoured glam days and natural makeup looks too. It is super pigmented and I think it blends quite well to a natural finish. I love just using warm coral to color correct, then cream as a natural highlight and banana as a more intense highlight for my under eye area.The formula is a little dry, but I really like that. It makes a good option for more oily skin. When I color correct, I like to mix a drop of face oil into it and then apply. It just sheers it out a little bit and makes it easier to blend. This would be a good thing to do for dry skin too, to help it blend easier.To apply it I use a small flat concealer brush and paint it onto the area of my face where I want it. Then I blend it out with a damp beautyblender. I don't paint my whole face and let it set before blending, I work on one area at a time. After everything is blended, I set it with a powder contour kit then finish the rest of my makeup. « less

Nordstrom user
July 31, 2016

Universal amazingness

These cream products are not only amazing cream highlight and contours, but they can also double up as FOUNDATIONS. Impossible you say? Oh let me school you! Mac makes an essential oil that you can buy. You scoop out a decent amount of your preferred color(s) onto a clean surface....add a drop or two of the MAC oil, and mix it until desired consistency and VOILA....amazing foundation as well as concealer and contour, AND. Highlight! If you don't wanna splurge on the Bobbi Brown BBU foundation palette, save that extra $200 and buy this baby ( I use the medium palette), and it has u covered for your winter, fall, spring AND summer shades. Try this and thank me later. Also works with mixing this with your favorite face cream, but I find the oil to be more hydrating and the more drops Of oil you add, the sheerer the "foundation" becomes. You can go B.B. cream, to Full coverage in no time. I absolutely adore the pigmentation and consistency of this palette. Definitely my "HOLY GRAIL"! Enjoy mixing and matching. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Or at least it did for me. Lol. « less

Sephora user
January 12, 2016

This is my first time cream contouring. I mean I've used a little cream contour stick but it was nothing intense like this palette so I will admit; if you're a beginner, it can be a bit intimidating. But I figured it shouldn't be that difficult to work with if you already know how to blend in your concealer properly, right? So I tried it out for the first time yesterday.I used the banana shade to highlight under my eyes & mixed the shades Light Sculpt & Havana to contour.Just like what most people have stated, the product can be a bit difficult to blend. Even with a beauty blender. You have to use a good amount of pressure on it & because of that, it may end up looking either chalky or muddy. So I definitely suggest a tip that is often recommended with this palette: use a drop of beauty oil or spray Fix+ with the shade(s) of your choice before application. This will help with the blending since it will make the texture a bit creamier. Pigmentation is fantastic too. Not overly dramatic like you would expect when first applying it.If you are already pretty into makeup & want to give cream contouring a shot, I absolutely recommend this product. It will take some getting used to but it's quite easy as soon as you have a set routine down. « less

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Autumn Bibler
Autumn Bibler
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Does anyone know any good bronzers or contour palettes for fair skin?

Community Post Like Button1 LikesCommunity Post Helpful Button1 Helpful
Profile picture of Angela Bui
Angela Bui
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

This is very good for defining the cheek bones I don’t reach for it to often because I like a more natural look so I use the Hoola bronzer

Profile picture of Kathleen O'Malley
Kathleen O'Malley
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

anyone have a good highlight product? the one i use now is anastasia beverly hills glow palatte and i feel like it’s too metallic. i want a natural glow that’s not too metallic but it’s noticeable lol. suggestions?

Profile picture of Natalia Hernandez
Natalia Hernandez
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Anastasia powder contour kit has the most beautiful highlighter I’ve ever used. It’s natural and stays on throughout the entire day. I also recommend buying a sparkly eye palette!😂 I’ll be on a rush, and I won’t even pull my contour kit out, so I use the sparkly shade from my eye palette. It stays on the entire day as well, and looks very light and natural.

Profile picture of Allyson Marie Sapp
Allyson Marie Sapp
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

I’ve used Butter Bronzer for years. Looking for something new to try. I want a bronzer that has more of a ash brown tone rather than orange. Help?

Profile picture of Darla Haas
Darla Haas
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

you can really create your own bronzer shade with this palette. I can go from summer to winter by mixing different shades