Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills

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pigmentation: sheer
Overall Neutral Ingredients
cruelty-free, luxury
Selected ShadeAsh Brown

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staying powerlonglasting
"this dipbrow has everything i want in a brow product - it simultaneously grooms my long eyebrow hairs and fills in the gaps in my brows, the colour is buildable, and it stays put all day"
- Sephora User
"it then sets so you can brush it through & lasts all day, even through swimming & showering"
- Beautybay User
"i highly recommend getting the brow gel as well, it's also waterproof in a little keep your eyebrow hairs in place for the whole day"
- Macy's User
"this product lasts all day as well as being smudge, sweat and water proof this product makes filling in your eyebrows quick, easy and effortless"
- Beautybay User
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"i have pretty defined brows naturally, and i like a more natural brow look, so this is perfect for filling in the sparser areas and giving them a tint to match my hair"
- Sephora User
"it is really easy to apply, and get natural looking brows even on my sparse brows i can fake a good thicker and fuller looking brow"
- Beautybay User
precisionprecise application
"my brows always look so precise and it was surprisingly easy to adjust my technique"
- Sephora User
"i use this product everyday and has made it so easy and quick for me to get the very precise look i like for my brows"
- Beautybay User
"i absolutely love this product, as a redhead i have found it impossible to find a brow product that isn't simply way off or just orange however auburn is sheer perfection"
- Beautybay User
"i received a free sample of this product from a sephora employee out of sheer curiosity"
- Sephora User


Tashaa Firbyy
dryDry Skin
Pigmented, longlasting, precise application
I absolutely love this product it’s creamy it’s pigmented it glides on and I just makes it super easy to do my brows I always carve my brows out afterwards with a concealer or something but the way my brows are now I feel it’s easier to use a palm made then a pencil and I just think they turned out really good and I would highly recommend this to anyone that hasn’t tried it plus it’s only like $23 Canadian so it’s pretty affordable in my opinion ! #Beautyverse
Jackie Sandoval
combinationCombination Skin
Waterproof, pigmented, longlasting
This product is soooo waterprooof! I love it so much! I used to do competitive swim team in high school and I would always show up to my meets with abh dipbrow on my brows😂 for the longest time people would always wonder how my brows would last through many swim events and the secret is, this baby!! #Beautyverse
Sydney Kanaly
dryDry Skin
Pigmented, volumizing
I have been using this product for years. Being an active teenager and have extremely sparse brows has been a conflict. But once I discovered this product I was in love. It is amazing! It’s easy to apply, the product last forever because you only need a little due to amazing pigmentation. Also, this product mixed with a brow gel can last for up to 48 hours (don’t ask me how I know haha). Love this so much and will use it forever


Compared to other eyebrow accessories, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
33 ingredients

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