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Dewy Set Setting Spray by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dewy Set Setting Spray

staying power(18)
Variation: Mango

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dries quick, and makes my makeup last all night

- Beautybay User

this is a must for dry skin guys and gals

- Sephora User

staying power

not longlasting

i don't think this will have staying power in the heat

- Ulta User

price point wise not bad, but will be sticking with my fix plus and all nighter setting sprays

- Ulta User
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ulta userApril 01, 2019

well-formulated, does exactly what it says

I am 26 and have very dry and very sensitive combination skin. I have a lot of wrinkles right around my eyes, plus prominent smile lines and a deep indent where I furrow my brow. I like the urban decay setting spray for the staying power, but it makes my skin so dry. The dryness is annoying because it just highlights all the crevices of my face. I don't want to have to settle for a weird-looking face if I want my makeup to last. This setting spray really does leave more of a dewy look, and doesn't cause any shrinkage or creasing or an overly powdery look. The scent is pleasant but is not overpowering, it doesn't linger on the face all day. If you don't love tropical scents or aren't a huge fan of coconut, it isn't super strong like that. It's more like a subtle sweetness, which I think most people would like. I can't stand when I like the scent of something at first, but then it's all up in my nose all day. The fragrance in this spray is subtle, and the mister is very fine. Definitely do a test spritz away from the face first to clear out any clogging or whatnot, but it will give you a nice and even coat. It takes a minute to dry down, so I'd suggest applying mascara AFTER applying the dewy set so it doesn't transfer. The packaging is glittery, but there is NO shimmer or glitter in the actual product. The finish is glowy/dewy just like the brand promises, but isn't overly oily. In fact, my nose is the only spot on my face that gets a lil greasy, and this seems to balance that out better than any other setting spray I've tried. My eyes were watering like crazy the other day and my makeup didn't budge, so it definitely gives the hold one would expect from a prestige brand/at this price point. The only setting spray I've liked as much as this one is the slay all day by Gerard cosmetics in the lavender scent. All in all, this is a well-formulated setting spray that does exactly what it says it does. This isn't a product that will live in my vanity and get used a couple of times. This is a new ride-or-die staple product for me now.

- ulta
ulta userApril 01, 2019

Perfect for natural glow on dry skin

As a young adult with dry acne prone skin I tend to go towards hydrating products. My biggest thing is every time I set my products (with powder and spray or just spray alone) it dries down my makeup making it nearly impossible to have long lasting coverage and a natural glow. This is absolutely perfect for setting your making with or without powder and still leaving it with a natural looking skin texture. It does settle more matte throughout the day but it's not nearly as bad as other setting sprays such as All Nigher or Fix+prep. Not to mention you can easy fix any time effects with another quick touch up spray of the setting spray or even your favorite rose water or other hydrating mist.

- ulta
sephora userMay 18, 2019

Melts makeup together and kills dryness

This girl really isn't playing around. I bought it because I'm tired of everything being matte. This promised something different. Reviewers said it worked like Fix+ but I'd much rather support ABH and Sephora than MAC so I took a chance. And WOW. This melts powders together like I couldn't believe. Lemme give you an example: So, I baked my under eyes, proceeded to work on the rest of my makeup and got in a bit too much of a rush to try it, I sprayed without dusting my bake off. It legit melted my setting powder in with my makeup and it looked FLAWLESS. I have dry skin and not once did my face look or feel dry after using this. Did it give me that radiant glow? No. But let's be honest; most products that promise that either fall flat or make you look greasy. This gave me a super natural, non dry, flawless finish. Plus, it smells wonderful but not strong. Super subtle, non headache inducing fragrance, speaking as someone who is very sensitive to such things. Does it have the staying power of All Nighter? I mean, what does? lol. But most of us don't actually need that level of makeup insurance for the 8-10 hours we wear it. I wore my makeup for 9 hours today with this setting spray alone and my makeup still looks exactly the same as it did when I sprayed my face down(wearing face and eye primer, ofc). No touch ups, nada. Do you NEED this? Depends on if you're looking for a non matte setting spray, have dry skin, a replacement for Fix+ or you're just addicted to sprays. If you're happy with what you use, this probably won't be a life changer.

- sephora
sephora userMay 04, 2019

This spray does what it says it will do. It clearly states there is no sparkle in it and its only on the packaging. It goes without saying that the packaging is beautiful and drew me in to this product. The mist is pretty good but not as fine as Norvina made it sound like. It is much better than the fix plus spray though and I have no complaints. I really like this spray because it really gives a dewy look but doesn't feel oily like some other dewy sprays. It's not something you are going to want if you are using a setting spray to increase longevity (it doesn't claim to do this anyway), this is purely for melting powders into the skin and giving a really nice dewy finish to the skin. I'm not understanding the comments saying this is just water because I notice a huge difference. I almost have to powder after because it can look a touch too dewy in my nose area. This also didn't make me greasy throughout the day but I have dry skin, so its probably best suited for drier skin types. The scent is very subtle which is good for me since I can be sensitive to products with fragrance.

- sephora
ulta userApril 01, 2019

Amazing scent & packaging, formula...

I REALLY wanted to love this. The smell is fantastic, the packaging is beautiful but the formula...made me return it. I tried it for a little over a week because i really wanted to love it but it made my skin super oily & my powder foundation started to transfer & slide around (which it never does). My makeup definitely didn't last all day like it usually does. Pretty disappointed with the formula, i felt like it never dried down & just sat on top of my powder. I did love how it looked at first, super dewy, my powder melted into my skin & looked so natural but after a couple hours my face looked like an oil spill. Hopefully they change the formula in the future!

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients

Pentylene Glycolirritant
PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oilirritant
Sodium Citrateirritant
Butylene Glycolirritant
Portulaca Oleracea Extractirritant

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