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Callie Cox
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What are good hair products for a dry scalp? I have bright pink colored hair so I obviously dont want anything thats gonna strip and fade. I wash my hair about 2-3 times a week. Also any tips welcome! I use Lush American Cream conditioner and Blousey shampoo

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Emma Malone
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I have a super dry scalp too, any shampoo with lavender in it can help a lot. Even just putting a drop or two in your regular shampoo can make a huuggeee difference!:

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cushion shade help? Hi, I’m really into Korean makeup products, especially cushion foundations. I wanted to buy the PONY EFFECT Everlasting Cushion Foundation, but don’t know what shade to buy. I’m ordering it and obviously don’t want to buy the wrong shade. I’m a white American who usually wears the shade ivory or light beige with Western makeup. Does anyone know what shade that would translate to for a Korean product, or are they similar?

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Andy Graves
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I might have a similar skin shade and usually I’m shade 21 or 2. Hope this helps!💜