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Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser by Alpha H
Alpha H

Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser

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redness relief

love the whole red currant regime combined together and especially love this cleanser

- Naturalbeautygroup User

i typically use this at night and it immediately calms the redness and my skin feels smooth and soft after using

- Buynaturalskincare User


good for acne

those two products together work nicely to keep my skin clear of blemishes and reduce redness

- Buynaturalskincare User

it is so soothing and calming - great for breakouts and exfoliation

- Naturalbeautygroup User



doesn't make skin feel dry or tight

- Naturalbeautygroup User

never drying or harsh on inflamed skin

- Buynaturalskincare User



love this gentle cleanse

- Naturalbeautygroup User

i can get easily irritated and it really helps balance and calm the skin

- Buynaturalskincare User



it helps relieve any redness, is not drying and keeps your skin feeling smooth

- Cosmetics Now User

it exfoliates very well and it helps my night time creams soak into my skin

- Naturalbeautygroup User



my husband started using my product as well and in a couple of days his skin loss that dull look and now he has a healthy glow, his skin really looks nice and refreshing

- Buynaturalskincare User

now my face is flawless, bright, and smooth

- Buynaturalskincare User
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buynaturalskincare.com userJuly 28, 2015

Great alternating cleanser

It's hard to pick my favorite cleanser; I alternate between stone crop for dryer, sensitive days, lime for hormonal acne and this Red Currant Exfoliating cleanser on most days. I have combination skin and I like the balancing effect this product has on my skin. I also use this on my bikini and underarm area occasionally between waxings, and my esthetician told me she's now recommending it to all of her clients; really cuts down on ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating sensitive areas.

- buynaturalskincare.com
naturalbeautygroup.com userSeptember 19, 2016

Not for My Normal Skin

I like the scent and the texture is fine but my skin broke out with lots of white pimples and my pores were clogged. I have normal skin and only have one pimple a few times a year around my women's cycle. I love Eminence but could not this product.

- naturalbeautygroup.com
buynaturalskincare.com userMarch 5, 2018

Best Cleanser for Hormonal Acne, Hands Down

I have very sensitive pale skin with ongoing cystic hormonal acne. With even less than two weeks I'm so happy see a huge difference with calming the redness, healing the acne, and shrinking pores. This has caused no irritation like many other cleansers. I purchased a regime of items, so I can't say for sure how it is on it's very own, but I love the clean hydrated feeling it leaves and pleasant smell. I use this once a day before bed paired with the willow serum, clear skin spot treatment, and probiotic moisturizer, as well as the probiotic mask every other night. In the morning I only use the serum/moisturized because it still feels clean. Would definitely recommend. I only hope my skin doesn't get too used to it.

- buynaturalskincare.com
naturalbeautygroup.com userSeptember 9, 2015

Light cleanser that cleans deep.

Amazing cleanser it leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. It cleans very well and prevents breakouts. My skin is normal combination/dry but I struggle with some adult acne and blocked pores. This cleanser helped tremendously. Highly recommended!

- naturalbeautygroup.com
naturalbeautygroup.com userMay 16, 2014

Works great!!

My 21 year old daughter's acne got out of control. She tried everything and nothing worked for her. I took a chance and I purchased the Clear Skin Probiotic starter kit for her to test it out. She loves it so much that I purchased the full size cleanser and moisturizer for her. Within just a week her skin is already improving. This is the first moisturizer that helps clear up her skin without irritating or over drying her skin. She does, despite her severe acne, have very dry skin, so she loves the moisturizer. She loves the way it makes her skin feel.

- naturalbeautygroup.com