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Natural Definition Eye Pencil by Alima Pure
Alima Pure

Natural Definition Eye Pencil

staying power(50)
Variation: Coffee (rich cocoa brown)
Coffee (rich cocoa brown)Ink (carbon black)Patina (shimmering taupe)
Alima PureBuy ($18)

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not smudging

the eyeliner glides in easy, i do use powder after to keep eyeliner from smudging throughout the day and getting in the crease of my eye, but worth every penny for chemical free and health in the long run

- Alimapure User

the color stays on without smearing and it stays on all day long

- Alimapure User

staying power


i find it stays on well and is very gentle on the eyes

- Credobeauty User

love the new eye pencil - it's so easy to apply and stays on all day

- Alimapure User
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alimapure.com userJuly 26, 2018


I really wanted to like this but it smudges easily and isn’t long lasting. *

- alimapure.com
alimapure.com userAugust 8, 2015

Love it!

I'm very happy with this purchase. The color is truly a brown. The pencil glides on easily and doesn't smudge too easily. I have very oily skin and always have trouble with eyeliners staying on. I won't say that this stayed on perfectly with absolutely no smudging ever, but it does work better than a lot of products I've tried, considering my very oily skin. I imagine if you don't have oily skin, you won't have any problems at all. I will definitely buy this again! *

- alimapure.com
alimapure.com userDecember 14, 2017

Best natural eyeliner pencils!

These are the only eyeliner pencils that I have really liked and that actually work, they even stay in my water line and don’t irritate my eyes when I tight line. I have ink and coffee and I love them both, they are easily smudgible, creamy, and easy to work with and last throughout the day. They remind me a bit of the old bare minerals eyeliners that I used to love but were discontinued back when I used their makeup.*

- alimapure.com
alimapure.com userAugust 22, 2014

Smooth and Gorgeous

I love this product! It doesn't irritate the skin around my eyes like store bought eyeliner does. It goes on smooth, it's easy to get a nice clean line, or to smudge up a little on days I want a more smokey eye. It does have really good staying power, but I do notice that with the combination of this eyeliner and Alima's mascara, by the end of the day my eyes are a bit smudgey ..I'm not sure which product is the culprit, but to last most of the day with no touch ups is an amazing feat for such a natural product, so I'm happy despite that. I might just need to put a primer or some powder on my eyelids before applying.. I live in humid Florida :/ Thanks Alima for such a great non-irritating but still sexy eyeliner ! *

- alimapure.com
credobeauty.com userNovember 11, 2016

Love Coffee and Ink!

I received these free as a gift with purchase in the summer. Absolutely love them! Coffee is beautiful to smudge on the lower lash line and lasts all day after it sets. Ink is really pretty to tightline and put in the waterline. Goes on easily - no tugging! I also wear contacts and have sensitive eyes and have had no issues. Can't wait to purchase more. I would love to try Patina and Indigo next.

- credobeauty.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Hydrogenated cottonseed oilhazard

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