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Loose Mineral Blush by Alima Pure
Alima Pure

Loose Mineral Blush

Antique Rose - Satin MatteApple Blossom - Satin MatteApricot - Satin Matte - Limited EditionCarnation - Satin MatteFreja - Luminous ShimmerGarnet - Luminous ShimmerHoney Rose - Satin MatteLeigh - Luminous ShimmerMelon - Satin MatteMimosa - Satin MattePink - Satin MatteRosa - Luminous ShimmerSahara - Luminous ShimmerSoft Plum - Satin Matte



Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth
  • Longlasting
  • Blends Well

Ratings & Reviews

4.794% of 1115reviewers recommend this product

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June 3, 2017

Honey Rose, Pink, Carnation, Soft Plum

This blush formula has a soft and silky texture like the Satin Matte Foundation. I use very few grains at a time. I found that only opening the cover for the holes a small amount cuts down on waste as it can come out pretty fast.“Honey Rose” shows up bright coral/peach and warm on my skin (Warm 2-3)“Pink” is a medium warmish pink in the jar and shows up very neutral on my skin tone; looks like a light/medium exercise flush.“Carnation” is the most neutral of the three and looks like a muted brownish peach on me.In the jars: Pink makes Honey Rose look more orange, Carnation makes Pink look cooler and more blue based, and Honey Rose makes Carnation look like a neutral brownish peach.“Soft Plum” was my first blush purchase, thinking I would ignore the write up on it and just go for the color I desired, but alas, it turned out to be way to deep for my skin tone and made my freckles look muddy. It had too much red in it for me. It was a lovely color although I had to return it.The blushes are super pigmented so I have to do it in very light layers. I found that using the Alima Pure Blush Brush has improved the application a lot. At first I used a stippling brush that deposited too much product onto my skin at one time and looked blotchy. The formula and colors of these blushes are excellent and really compliment the foundation shades and there is quite a bit in the container for the price. No break outs either. Outstanding product! * « less user
January 7, 2015

Mimosa and Apple Blossom

These blushes are fantastic! They are highly pigmented yet blend-able and last all day. The colors I currently have are Mimosa and Apple Blossom. While I love and use them both frequently I have to highly recommend Mimosa, especially if you enjoy a peachy- pink flush of color. I am a huge fan of Alima Pure products, everything I've tried thus far is a win! user
October 11, 2019

I record this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Like some of the other reviews state, the packaging is very luxe. The bullet feels substantial and looks chic. The color of this Demi-Matte lipstick is a neutral nude, with just a slight hint of pink. I use it with a slightly pinky-nude lipliner if I want it to look pinkier, or a brownish nude liner if I’m going for that look. It’s a very versatile shade. The pigmentation is great- opaque, but not dry like a liquid lipstick or stain. I found it to be smooth, but always apply my lip products with a slip of balm underneath. This lipstick even worked well mixed with a gloss for a sheer look. I found the longevity to be very good- it’s a lipstick, and not meant to last all day. I did not notice any scent or any texture when using this. I love this lipstick and will purchase in other colors. Less user
June 24, 2015

Blush in Apricot and Melon

I really like this mineral blush. As far as powder blushes go it's doesn't feel too chalky or heavy. It's quite soft. Great pigmentation, and very wearable, and blendable. I have fair skin with a neutral undertone. I love the apricot color for my skin tone, it's very natural and healthy looking. The melon didn't look quite as good on me, think that it would probably suit a darker skin tone better.. Not sure. The color itself is very nice. Beautiful natural and safe products. user
May 20, 2015

its natural but aweful

I got about 10 different shades of foundation as samples and 2 blushes as samples to try because my skin is very sensitive and oily so I figured why not its natural. I received the package and was very excited to try the next morning, to my disappointment the product was sooooooo hard to blend on my face it would get stuck and cling on to one part like cheek or forehead and not blend at all very patchy. It took me a while to wash it off and i went back to using my regular foundation, not i got 10 shades of samples in my make up drawer and i paid for them i don't want to throw it away but i don't want to give it to someone to use either after the experience i had. will not be buying any more products very upset. *

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