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Caitlyn Korbel
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A good way to repair fried, frizzy hair without cutting it? The pieces of hair around my ears are so dry and damaged. Help!!!!

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Jessy Negrin
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The biolage conditioning balm did wonders for me!

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Kara Johnson
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Hi friends, I need haircare advice!! I need a shampoo/conditioner combo that will help my hair grow and repair but won’t make my hair incredibly oily. Right now I’m using OGX Think and Full and it’s making my hair so oily. I usually shower every other day and not even half way through day two it’s so oily. Anything helps! Thanks!! #haircare #hair #oily #curlyhair #hairproducts #damage #shampoo #conditioner #repair #growth

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Elizabeth Fiutem
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Try avoiding products that have sulfates in them it dries your hair out even if it’s a “moisturizing” shampoo and conditioner. Garnier has a great deep moisturizing shampoo with rose water. I also use a Shea butter hair mask that takes about 5 min in the shower to do. 😁

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amana malik
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Weather where I live has been real iffy, what's a good thing to use for overnight chapped lip repair?

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Chrysta Bullock
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Your going to think I’m crazy, but I have always had dry peeling lips and nothing has ever worked for me, and I’ve tried it all. I saw something called lanolips, which is a lanolin based lip product but it is way over priced. I had some left over lansinoh nipple balm from nursing my son. Let me tell you, my lips heal over night! And it’s much cheaper than the expensive brand! They are both pretty much the same, I figured if it’s safe to put on my nipples and my son to nurse after I apply it’s safe for my lips.