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Diana Bojorquez
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anyone have recommendations for hair products for super damaged and bleached hair?? (hair masks, shampoo/conditioner or treatments) i feel like my hair is abt to fall off pls help!! #hair #haircare #bleachedhair #help #curlyhair

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Josie Redberg
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I would use a rebonding mask like Joico K-pak or Redken pH bonder. DIY masks won’t be very beneficial

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Meghna Vemuri
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Any curl products anyone can recommend?? I have 2b- 3a hair depending on the curl lol😂. My scalp is super duper oily, hairs Thin, and i have some dandruff as well!! Anything helps thanks💞

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Jocelyne Villarreal
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💁🏻‍♀️ hi if none of these dandruff shampoos help you it could be a more serious matter. Head and shoulders didn’t work for me but I found this at Sally’s it’s called “Generic value products” it’s a white and black bottle. It says compre to Paul Mitchell and it has tea tree oil. Cleared my problem right up. Good luck.

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Lili Hardy
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So I never curl my hair unless it is professionally done, but I want to start trying to curl my hair at home. What is your favorite curling iron that isn’t too hard to maneuver? p.s. i’m ok with buying a more expensive so price isn’t an issue! #curlingiron #hair #curledhair #help #reccomendations

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Berkeley Deutsch
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I LOVE the t3 whirl trio!! This curling iorn is amazing it cones with 3 different curling attachments! This iorn makes it so easy to curl my hair fast and it makes the prettiest curls!! You will not regret buying this!