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Seriously Firming Facial Serum by acure organics
acure organics

Seriously Firming Facial Serum


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it has no added chemicals and leaves my face feeling hydrated and moisturized

- Vitacost User

i use it twice a day and it keeps my skin hydrated and naturally glowing

- Target User



i alternate this with the acure night cream and my skin is doing great

- Thrivemarket User

i use it morning and night and it just seems to soak into my skin, making it smooth and soft

- Vitacost User


good for acne

i like it, not sure what it's doing for my skin but no breakouts from it

- Swanson Health Products User

i have had no breakouts whatsoever from this product

- Target User


redness relief

it has worked wonders and even reduced the overall blemishes on my face

- Thrivemarket User

and honestly, if you want to firm up your skin a bit, sleep more, drink more water, reduce stress in your life and eat a balanced diet with more veggies and fish and fewer carbs

- Vitacost User



whilst i also cannot detect any actual firming properties, it smells delightful and is easily absorbed, leaving my skin soft, moisturized and more radiant

- Vitacost User

i've been testing this product now for a few weeks, and i've noticed that my skin is softer and more luminous - as for the firming, its too early to tell, but i'm positive this product will do wonders for my skin

- Vitacost User



this did not give me any breakouts, seems to be gentle for my skin

- Target User

it is a good and dependable brand, but this oil simply gave me tons of those dreaded little whiteheads, so tread gently at first

- Target User
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Target userNovember 7, 2017

Depends on Your Skin Type, but it Broke Me Out Fiercely!

At first I loved this product as it left my skin looking dewy and feeling so soft. That said, upon a couple weeks of use I suddenly began to notice a new crop of whiteheads (I hate those!) and am still trying to rid my skin of them 8 months later. The results of this product truly depend upon your skin type, and I have dry aging skin so I thought this might be safe for me to use. NOT...it is a good and dependable brand, but this oil simply gave me tons of those dreaded little whiteheads, so tread gently at first.

- Target
thrivemarket.com userMarch 14, 2017

Great night time moisturizer

My skin needed something more than a hydrating lotion at night to rejuvenate from being dried out all day from mineral powder make up. My skin is also very sensitive and can break out the minute it's pH is off balance. This serum is wonderful to use over night to restore my skins moisture without making it overly greasy or clogging pores.

- thrivemarket.com
Vitacost userMay 8, 2015

Great product!

Most oils irritate my skin but this one works in hydrating and calming my mature, very dry, sensitive, easily- irritated skin. My skin soaks this up. I don't recognize any skin firming benefits, but this serum works beautifully as a moisturizer primer underneath the Acure Sensitive Facial Cream. Great combo for me as the two seem to give a healthy glow to my skin with the benefit of containing no dangerous chemicals in the products.

- Vitacost
Vitacost userDecember 3, 2012

I can't live without it

I love love love this product. I had awful broken out, dry, oily skin before I started using Acure. This serum has completely evened out my skin and cleared it up entirely. For the first time in my life, I have put the concealer and the oil wipes away. I even have my husband using it. It absorbs so smoothly, and my face doesn't feel greasy or coated like some other products.

- Vitacost
Target userDecember 3, 2016

Glowing serum!

I started using this serum at the end of fall/onset of winter, when my skin is more dry. I have extremely sensitive skin and quite dry skin. After washing my face, I pat this onto my skin and let it sit for a few minutes before layering my makeup over it. It feels great on my skin and gives my face a nice dewy glow with makeup over it. It does not feel greasy and my makeup stays on over the top of it. Be careful not to use too much as it can become greasy if you get too much product on. I have a few other acure products that I really like. It's generally hard for me to find items my skin can tolerate due to my extreme sensitivity but this line seems to have set the bar high! Love these products. The author of this review received a free sample of this product.

- Target

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