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Mira is the new way to explore and shop beauty: A universal search engine and social store where you can search for all beauty products, tools and supplies based on your unique features and preferences to find out what truly works for people like you.
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Why Mira?

Perfume and Lipstick placed on a decorative table with tree leaves
Light-speed, personalized resultsOn Mira, you let us know a little bit about yourself and your budget, and we help you find the right product by matching search results with the world's most universal beauty catalog. Brand and retailer agnostic, we’ve aggregated the world’s perspective on individual skincare and makeup products so you can find out the truth behind what works, and what doesn’t. Find ratings, reviews, and video tutorials all in one place.
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Most recommended (or disapproved) by people like youMira invites users to actively and purposefully search for beauty in others. Have a question and looking for an answer from someone who's been there? Search results are matched with recommendations and content coming from people with your skin type and tone. Users can get advice from, and find out what similar consumers really think, through a supportive and nonjudgmental community.
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Out of this world matchesOnce you've found the product you want to try, do side-by-side comparisons, and purchase the right products for the best price. Beauty matches made in heaven, then delivered to your door.
Say goodbye to ...
647 tabs open to find one good product
Suffering through products that don't work for your skin
Wasting money on bad beauty products