Your Beauty. Less of the rest.

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The Vision

MIRA BEAUTY is the world’s first universal store and collaborative library for makeup and skincare—made up of over 100,000 products and counting—that can be sorted and compared based on what you look like, and what you’re looking for. Most importantly, MIRA BEAUTY is based on you. Anyone in our community can add a product, post a review, or answer another member’s questions whether it’s about a big skincare brand or cult makeup favorite. MIRA BEAUTY is here to make shopping easy and fun. It’s your beauty. Less of the rest.

100,000+ products
8+ million


Inclusivity through & Through
Accessibility of Information For All
Integrity through Transparency
Adaptability for Good


MIRA BEAUTY is on a quest to capture and impart the knowledge, insights, and experiences of the worldwide beauty community. A resource where transparency and authenticity meet, MIRA BEAUTY empowers its members to learn more about beauty topics that are important to them and to find the right beauty solutions more quickly, easily, and inclusively than ever before.

Our Guests

We enable any beauty shoppers, novice and experienced alike, to find the right products for their unique selves. It is our mantra to serve all types of individuals equally, and all are welcome on MIRA BEAUTY.

If you haven't been using MIRA BEAUTY, GET ON THAT! It has saved me from so much trial and error.
- Lyss
I learned a lot about myself and how to take care of my skin! Reading reviews helped me pick out the best products for me that are going to help me out in the long run.
- Jackie
Honestly before buying ANY beauty product, I look for it on MIRA BEAUTY to check out ratings and reviews.
- Nina


Source: NARS Cosmetics
Supporting Pro's Through Hardship

Our team was able to foresee the devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis on beauty professionals from the onset of the national shutdown. In early March 2020, MIRA BEAUTY launched the industry's first emergency relief fund to provide financial support to beauty professionals and makeup artists being furloughed or forced into sudden unemployment. Dozens of creators and companies joined our campaign and we inspired many to follow in our footsteps.

Source: Lauren Napier
Empowering Deserving Leaders

In June 2020, MIRA BEAUTY introduced the industry's first category for cosmetics brands founded by Black entrepreneurs. The largest of its kind, the collection hosts over 400 makeup and skincare brands. We've also highlighted LGBTQ-founded and female-founded brands on, respectively, to emphasize the stellar contributions that these communities bring to the beauty industry.

The Team

We are devoted to creating career opportunities that foster personal and professional blossoming, reflect the diversity of our communities, support work/life balance, and empower our team mates to make a difference in the lives they touch.

Our team consists of brilliant minds from diverse ages, races, genders, beliefs, sexual orientations and backgrounds that inspire us to do better every day. We believe our internal demographics should represent our external demographics through and through, so we've built a culture that is inclusive and respectful of all perspectives.

I'm personally motivated to continue fostering a work environment where we can all be more open, honest and vulnerable towards each other. Culture isn't a buzzword at MIRA BEAUTY, it's a way of connecting with others— and we're all accountable for it.
Jay Hack
Co-Founder, CEO

Our Story

MIRA BEAUTY is the brainchild of Jay Hack and Brandon Garcia, two hackathon-buddies-turned-beauty-enthusiasts who met at Stanford while studying AI and computer science. At the time, Jay used his data mining expertise to help his Singaporean friend find the best makeup products for her unique features, subsequently teaming up with Brandon who shared his interest in helping people solve skin problems by giving them access to clear, personalized information. But their work didn’t end there—the two quickly realized that there was no place for beauty novices, enthusiasts, or even experts to access unbiased reviews and honest answers about makeup and skincare products, the world over. So they built it.

Your beauty. Less of the rest.