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5 Makeup Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
5 Makeup Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Makeup doesn't have to be perfect, but there are a few simple things to keep in mind to ensure you're always putting your best face forward.

It’s natural to make a few makeup mistakes here and there. You may have gone through a “more is more” eyeliner phase in middle school, or forgotten to blend in your concealer a few times. From beginners to pro MUA’s, every beauty junkie has had a “what was I even thinking?” moment. But there comes a point when you realize that these makeup mistakes are getting a little out of hand, and it’s easier than you may think to fix them.

You don’t need to completely redo your liner after getting carried away with a wing, just grab a Q-tip. And dry skin from over-exfoliating heals up on its own with time. But there are a few common makeup mistakes that just about everybody has made at least once… and if you say you haven’t, you’re probably lying. Here are our top 5 common beauty errors, and easy ways to correct them.

Not cleaning your brushes

Your favorite kabuki brush flawlessly buffs in your foundation every day, the least you can do is give it a good scrub. If you go too long without cleaning your brushes, it leads to a buildup of bacteria that not only wears out the bristles and makes them last for a shorter time… but could also mean that you’re basically sweeping dirt and bacteria onto your skin. Gross.

How to make sure that your makeup brushes last longer and blend to their best? Invest in a good makeup brush cleaning spray, like NYX's On the Spot Brush Cleaner, and soak them on a weekly basis. This will keep your makeup brushes and your skin happy and healthy.

Applying makeup right after moisturizer

It happens sometimes. You’re in a rush to get out the door in the morning, and start applying your face makeup right after your moisturizer to save time. But that’s a major makeup mistake, as it can cause your foundation to appear thin, blotchy, or not cover the entire surface of your skin. It also means your coverage will more than likely start to deteriorate throughout the day… all because you didn’t wait an extra minute for your moisturizer to dry!

Trust us, it’s worth it to let your moisturizer absorb into the skin for at least 60 seconds before you start applying your primer, foundation, and concealer. Your makeup will last longer, look better, and you’ll know that your moisturizer did its job. For the best results, invest in a good, like Kate Sommerville's oil free moisturizer.

Blend, blend, blend

Blending is an art that can make or break a makeup look, and sadly it’s often the latter. An unblended contour can make your face look unnatural or muddy, and don’t even get us started on eyeshadow. That’s why you need a good set of beauty tools to avoid this common makeup mistake. A typical brush set contains a variety of tools for eyes, face, and lips - each with a versatile function. Remember, there are no rules in makeup. That means if you want to use an eye shading brush for your nose contour or highlight with a blush brush… it’s fair game.

Not moisturizing your lips

This one is especially harmful for the lipstick enthusiasts. You know, like that girl in the office who can rock a red lip anywhere and everywhere. We love a good liquid lipstick as much as the next person, but it’s important to moisturize your lips regularly before applying color. Adding a bit of colorless lip balm before gliding on lipstick can make a major difference, as this keeps your lips from drying out and the flaky patches less evident.

If lip balm isn’t doing the trick, you can always apply a quality lip mask to keep your lips plump, hydrated, and ready to take on any new hue. Better yet? Opt for the duo set from Kaplan MD to pack the moisture.

Forgetting your neck area

And your ears. And your chest. Many practice the makeup mistake of applying foundation only above the chin, and ending up with a neck and chest area that’s two shades lighter than their face. Unless you’re wearing a turtleneck, this will end up looking like the weirdest tan line ever. The good news is that you’re not alone in this, and it’s a simple fix that only takes a few extra seconds.

Grab your favorite brush or beauty sponge and be sure to cover your entire neck area with foundation, in addition to checking for any missed spots on your face. The most commonly missed areas are the crevices near your eyes and nose, as well as around your ears.

Keep in mind, one of the best ways to ensure prime application is by investing in products that will work for your skin type and tone. Search and compare products no matter what you're working with all on MIRA BEAUTY.