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5 K-Beauty Trends to You Need to Try Now

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
5 K-Beauty Trends to You Need to Try Now

While glass skin is a K-beauty staple, now is the time to step away from the mirror-like shine and try something a bit more simple: cream skin. Instead of using countless serums and oils and a 10-step routine, all you need is one product - a lightweight hybrid of a toner and a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and give it a soft, moisturized, and rich appearance. Creamy, to be precise.

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still have the dewy and radiant complexion that we all love, but this technique is easy to do and looks more natural than glass skin. Use the Cream Skin Toner Moisturizer by Laneige, the product that started one of the best K-Beauty trends ever, and wear it while you’re chilling at home, or on your first day back at work after quarantine to make it a little more fun.

Peanut Butter Brown Shadow

Thunder Palette by Pony Effect, $38

Source: Pony Effect

When your favorite snack turns you into the snack. One of the top K-beauty trends for 2020 is a light shade of brown that deeply resembles peanut butter, giving you a sense of sophistication and versatility with a variety of eye looks. Use it as a transition shade for your smokey eye or cut crease, or just blend the hue by itself over the lid for an everyday look that’s simple and timeless.

Centella Asiatica

Cica Balm with Bija Seed Oil by innisfree, $25

Source: Innisfree

If you’re a big fan of K-Beauty trends, you know that most ingredients are plant-derived… and this one is no exception. Centella Asiatica contains amino acids, fatty acids, Vitamins B and C and more to give your skin a boost of health and vitality. The amino acids and beto-carotene work to increase collagen production, reducing fine lines and signs of aging, while the other ingredients are used to soothe, hydrate, and reduce inflammation. It’s basically a skin multitasker that fits right into your balm. Seriously.

Metallic eyes and lips

Magic Eye Metal Glitter by Holika Holika, $9

Magic Eye Metal Glitter by Holika Holika
Source: Holika Holika

Okay, we know that shiny makeup and radiance isn’t exactly one of the newer K-beauty trends. But it’s definitely still fun. While you’re staying home in quarantine, adding a bit of glitter to your eyelids and/or lips can be a fun way to pass the time, while making a major entrance on your Zoom calls. Just add a metallic lip gloss and put a serious twinkle in your eye with the Magic Eye Metal Glitter by holika holika. This liquid shadow is simple yet sparkly, and just as magical as it sounds.

Cooling masks

Organic Hydrogel Mask by Whamisa, $22

Source: Whamisa

As summer and warmer months approach, a hydrogel mask feels flawless on your skin. Especially when you’re stuck at home and skin is feeling a bit moody. Take a moment to reflect and practice self-care with the Organic Hydrogel Mask by Whamisa, made with natural ingredients to cool, hydrate, and brighten your skin after a long day of working from home.

Learn more about these K-beauty staples and how they'll work with your skin type and concerns all on MIRA BEAUTY.