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Matte Lip Color

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chapped lips

hydrates lips

i was surprised at how nice it felt on my lips; it didn't feel drying at all even though it was so matte

- Yesstyle User

i prefer to dab a little on the inside of my lips and spread it with my finger because i prefer a more subtle lip look but i'm sure on people with nice plump lips, a bold look with this lipstick would look gorgeous

- Yesstyle User

staying power


i like how it stays for a long time while looking natural

- Yesstyle User

the quality is great has such long wear for the whole day

- Yesstyle User



i love the colour and it just matches so well with any outfit and any makeup style (light or heavy or none)

- Yesstyle User

it has a wonderfully soft, matte formula that feels very light on the lips anand is easy to apply

- Yesstyle User



the texture is really soft and mat, i highly recommend it

- Yesstyle User

texture of the lipstick is soft and it makes your lips look really lovely

- Yesstyle User



the texture is smooth and feel nice and comfortable on the lips, i can't even feel it

- Yesstyle User

texture is creamy and matte at the same time

- Yesstyle User



they're creamy when on the lips and look beautiful, they're pigmented and easy to create beautiful lips with

- Yesstyle User

its super creamy and pigmented, i honestly love this product so much i wear it every day

- Yesstyle User
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Great Color

This color is beautiful sheered out or worn as a full-blown statement lip. For me, it has good to average staying power, but it is a little drying for my already dry lips, so some prep work with hydration will definitely help. It's a dry formula, so I find that if my lips are dry, application can be patchy and the bullet with skip around on my lips. Worth it for the warm, sultry color. userJanuary 3, 2020

#218 Mirrorlike Mature MLBB

This lipstick is really pigmented. I don`t usually like mat formulas because the ones I have used have been uncomfortable and drying. This one feels comfortable and light weigt. It doesn`t feel like there is anything on my lips. The colour is darker than I expected (On the commercial photo it looked quite a bit lghter) but I still love the colour. Packaging is cute and sleek. You might have issues if you have cracked lips because it will get in the cracks and will emphazize the cracks. userMay 17, 2018

Love the color, not so much the formula.

I bought #116 Inked Heart. My skin is the korean #23 in foundation shade leaning yellow. I have pigmented dark lips and this color did pull darker on me. The lipstick drag upon application because the formula is dry. I would say the texture of it is like creamy and pasty (more on the paste side). But the color is a lovely mix of brown and orange. I can see that the lipstick did not completely cover my natural pigmented lips, but maybe only I noticed. If you need this color in your collection then get it, but if what I stated about the formula made you pause then you can skip this collection. userMarch 7, 2018

I love 3CE lipsticks

I am a matte lip girl.My lips get dry easily though and i hate that crusty feeling.Thats why i avoid liquid lipsticks.This is not as long lasting as a liquid lip but its matte and not drying at me.The color can become as dark as you like when you put more at areas or you can have the fading effect for the ones who like to wear lipstick in the center.I use both methods.The packaging is sturdy,the color is pigmented and just what the picture shows.I would buy again even if it took a while to arrive.BTW i got #909 Smoked Rose userJune 27, 2019

The perfect muted orange

I ordered the orange shade from this collection and love the color! I have medium skin tone and the color is not too light where it washes me out. The texture is smooth but can drag. I feel this is one of the reasons why it stays on for a long time! I do notice if you have chapped lips it will extentuate that a bit and can feel drying if not paired with a lip balm. I love it and will repurchase! 


Overall safe Ingredients

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Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Waxacneirritant
Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Red 30acnehazard
Red 6acne
Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Waxacneirritant