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Rachael K.
combinationCombination Skin

hiiiiiie! when i do my eyeshadow i use a load of white or light peachy beige to blend and use as a base color, and i run out of it so fast!! i'm tired of buying whole new palettes when i don't need to, so i was wondering if anyone could recommend a brand that sells a single pan of matte white or matte light peachy-ish beige? thanks much 🥰 #recommendations #brands #eyeshadow #singles #matte

• Jordan Cc•
combinationCombination Skin
This or the color pop ones

Eye Shadow Singles

Anastasia Beverly Hills
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Allissa Hutchins
sensitiveSensitive Skin

hey guys :) so i am 16 years old and i want to try a skin care routine. factoring in my age and stuff what are some things and necessities i would need for a good nightly skin care routine? (if there are any specific recommendations: hopefully drugstore/walmart?)

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Yaiza Taveras
oilyOily Skin

What is your favorite brand of skin care line? Trying to have a better daily routine.

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